Encompassing the sum of all outdoor spaces, the Public Realm was conceptualised as one of Expo’s largest exhibition spaces. Both comfortable and stimulating, every sensory touchpoint was designed to serve as a constant reminder of Expo 2020 and that moment in time, while also reflecting the culture and heritage of the region.

Expo 2020 Dubai used the language of art, culture and creativity in an emotional and engaging way to connect with people and expand on the universal themes of Expo 2020. It also celebrated the UAE's creative talent and cultural heritage, as well as its emergence as a burgeoning regional hub for the creative economy.

Within the site’s flagship pavilions and attractions, visitors enjoyed an array of multi-sensory, immersive experiences. From engaging exhibits to inspiring performances and exciting opportunities for interaction, these experiences brought the themes and values of Expo 2020 to life for visitors of all ages and interests.

From sustainable on-site transport options to smart queueing to provisions for those with additional needs, Expo 2020 sought to deliver a smooth, seamless and efficient experience for everyone, covering the ‘brilliant basics’ and bringing ‘moments of magic’ to every visitor.

Expo 2020’s rich and varied events and entertainment programme was key in drawing a diverse demographic to the site and virtual platform each and every day. Guided by a spirit of openness, diversity and collaboration, the calendar included entertainment from every corner of the world, from globally renowned headline talent to emerging artists and schoolchildren.

With more than 50 global cuisines served at 200-plus outlets, Expo’s expansive food and beverage offering was designed to suit every palate and budget. A true celebration of global culture, Expo 2020 saw renowned local eateries join award-winning chefs from around the world to offer visitors everything from street bites to gourmet delights and sustainable dining.

Opening Ceremony