Expo's Learning and Development Strategy ensured the entire workforce was able to deliver their role to their full potential, equipping every person with the right skills and knowledge to perform their role confidently and competently.

The culmination of a series of readiness activities, the Expo Pavilions Premiere ran from January to April 2021 and offered a preview of the Expo visitor experience, testing workforce readiness and providing increased reassurances around COVID-19 preventative measures.

On a scale never seen in the region before, the Expo Operations Centre was home to every function’s operational team, as well as operational representatives of all relevant external stakeholders. Testament to the collaborative spirit that underpinned site operations, this was the bedrock for the event’s entire delivery, creating a safe, secure and seamless experience for every visitor that enabled the Emirati spirit of hospitality to shine through.

Innovation for the greater good was a thread that ran throughout the entire Expo. A tool to advance human progress, particularly in the field of sustainability, it enhanced connections, enabled efficient ways of working and ensured a smooth visitor experience.

From sponsorships, brand activations and marketing campaigns, to media partnerships and world-class communications and media facilities, Expo’s Community Engagement and Marketing and Communications delivered the Expo message to audiences at home and abroad, building awareness and excitement and driving visitation.

Expo tickets were available across multiple touch points, leveraging the reach of Partners and stakeholders and including an expansive network of global ticket resellers. Dynamic pricing incentivised early sales and mitigated potential periods of low demand.

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