Expo 2020’s aspiration to inspire meaningful action manifested itself through a range of programmes and initiatives. Engaging communities around the world, from schoolchildren to social entrepreneurs and thought leaders, Expo 2020 began creating tangible impact even before its opening.

Endorsed and adopted by the UAE Cabinet in April 2021, the Programme for People and Planet encompassed a rich schedule of events, experiences and conversations spanning 10 Theme Weeks. Involving every strata of society, from political leaders to grassroots activists, it sought to address some of the most pressing problems facing our world.

Building on one of the most cherished practices of the Arab culture – the traditional ‘majlis’ – Expo’s World Majlis was both a physical and digital meeting space for ideas and conversations. Welcoming an array of interdisciplinary, multi-generational participants, it invited open and informed discussions on topics of global relevance.

Expo 2020’s global innovation and partnership programme, Expo Live, was established to fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that would improve lives while preserving our planet. To date, it has supported 140 Global Innovators in delivering tangible and quantifiable impact to 5.8 million people worldwide.

With a firm commitment to inspiring and engaging the next generation, the Expo School Programme provided a wealth of meaningful learning experiences, both in the classroom and on site. The first ever dedicated programme for students at a World Expo, it would become a significant part of the event’s long-term legacy.

With SME empowerment a strategic priority for the UAE, Expo 2020 sought to act as an enabler for the sector by maximising their integration into the Expo supply chain.

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